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English-Hindi > zesty

zesty meaning in Hindi

zesty sentence in Hindi
1.This delightfully thick and zesty dressing doubles as a mayonnaise substitute.

2.Chinese Cheetos taste like " Zesty Japanese Steak ."

3.But the zesty delivery gives these old themes a new sheen.

4.The result was as zesty as a light beer can be.

5.It had a zesty citrus flavor and was tender and juicy.

6.ZESTY CARROT CASSEROLE From Pleasant Hill Shaker Community Time : 35 minutes

7.A zesty dry wine with appealingly fruity aromas and citrus flavors.

8.It's a zesty account, filled with lore and insight.

9.1 / 3 cup Our Thyme Garden Zesty Oregano Chile Garlic Herbal Vinegar

10.Fresh lemons add a zesty taste the whole year long.

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marked by spirited enjoyment
Synonyms: zestful, yeasty, barmy,

having an agreeably pungent taste
Synonyms: piquant, savory, savoury, spicy,

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