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English-Hindi > abetter

abetter meaning in Hindi

abetter sentence in Hindi
1.Abetter name for the Iowa Barnstormers might be the Brainstormers.

2.Isn't there abetter way to handle the predicament of consumers today?

3.Think about abetter day and hold on to what is better !"

4.He even has abetter falsetto than I do, " marvels Zsa Zsa.

5.These creatures are the allies abetters and role models of many a major-changer.

6.The issue is how wikipedia rules are mis-used ( abused is abetter tem ).

7.He is the greatest aider and abetter of its destruction that Dublin and the IRA have ever had,

8.The Englishman was appointed as he had abetter understanding of the local culture and was more familiar with themarket.

9.In this way, they will not be mistaken for being an aider and abetter, " he said.

10.But in the matter of rent control, government has turned out to be the unwitting abetter of the housing shortage.

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one who helps or encourages or incites another
Synonyms: abettor,

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