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English-Hindi > abettor

abettor meaning in Hindi

abettor sentence in Hindi
1.He was an obstacle rather than an abettor to their butchery.

2.By handimg over Chetia to India, Bangladesh will be abettor to genocide in Assam,

3.He became prominent as one of the abettors of the system in his testimony before a Parliamentary Committee.

4.He dispossessed the Shirkes and completely suppressed the depredations of their abettors, the chiefs of whom were Mahadik.

5.He ( Nichols ) is charged with being an active participant in this crime, and an aider and abettor.

6.The prime minister says " there will never be any shelter for terrorists, their abettors or dispatchers ."

7.As we have proven, there is no and there never will be any shelter for terrorists, their abettors or dispatchers.

8.Daniel Pinkerton was not indicted as an aider or abettor, nor was his case submitted to the jury on that theory.

9.The incident and the actions of Nishikaichi's abettors demonstrated the potential for racial or ethnic allegiance to overwhelm national allegiance.

10.During closing arguments, prosecutor Timothy Barker said Robertson " is the aider, the abettor, he is the coconspirator ."

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one who helps or encourages or incites another
Synonyms: abetter,

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