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English-Hindi > abjurer

abjurer meaning in Hindi

abjurer sentence in Hindi
1.The other specialists were : abjurers, conjurers, diviners, enchanters, invokers, necromancers, and transmuters, each representing a " school " of magical study.

2.So, I was determined to look hard at Abjuration spells and see if I couldn't re-envision the abjurer a little bit to make it cooler.

3.It occurred to me that abjuration was the school of magic manipulating magic ( for example, dispel magic ) . . . which means that abjurers really ought to be the nastiest spell-duelists out there.

4.Recruitment itself continued at a steady pace, and the Romanian General Staff created " Biroul A . B " ( " T [ ransylvania ] and B [ ukovina ] Bureau " ) to keep evidence of Austro-Hungarian abjurers, on and behind the front.

a person who abjures

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