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English-Hindi > abjures

abjures meaning in Hindi

abjures sentence in Hindi
1.Its players forced shots from the outside and abjured the pass.

2.For those who abjure violence, the best defense is fencing.

3.We abjured Hollywood and TV, but we had a radio.

4.Those found guilty who refused to abjure their beliefs were executed.

5.He abjured Calvinism, and was called to the diplomatic missions.

6.Hermenegild was imprisoned at Tarragona and repeatedly urged to abjure Catholicism.

7.These doctrines urge the communicant to abjure prayer and become spiritually passive.

8.No one would ever accuse Rob Coles of abjuring his native victuals.

9.Each could have gone free by abjuring his political goal.

10.Moreno abjured relations with the others and shut himself in his home.

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