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English-Hindi > abutted

abutted meaning in Hindi

abutted sentence in Hindi
• से संसक्त होना
• से हटा हुआ या लगा हुआ होना
• लगा हुआ होना
• सटा होना
• भिड़ना
• मिलना
• आमने सामने होना
• साथ लगना
1.Thus, the discussion of the mythology of longevity abutted sociology.

2.A portion of the palace once abutted the Campo San Polo.

3.This ad ironically abutted a story about campaign finance reform.

4.It abutted Glenforest Drive, the oldest outlet road to Leesburg Pike.

5.The gently cambered embankment is capped with unmortared and loosely abutted flagstones.

6.Here, the elements were abutted and cable stays attached to them.

7.The U . S . 24 bridge that abutted Tabo is long gone.

8.Misty / Ruby abutted a more stable neighborhood of single-family homes.

9.The territories of these tribes abutted on the Plains.

10.It also abutted Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, and the Neponset River.

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