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abutted sentence in Hindi

"abutted" meaning in Hindi
  • Thus, the discussion of the mythology of longevity abutted sociology.
  • A portion of the palace once abutted the Campo San Polo.
  • This ad ironically abutted a story about campaign finance reform.
  • It abutted Glenforest Drive, the oldest outlet road to Leesburg Pike.
  • The gently cambered embankment is capped with unmortared and loosely abutted flagstones.
  • Here, the elements were abutted and cable stays attached to them.
  • The U . S . 24 bridge that abutted Tabo is long gone.
  • Misty / Ruby abutted a more stable neighborhood of single-family homes.
  • The territories of these tribes abutted on the Plains.
  • It also abutted Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, and the Neponset River.
  • Caernarfon's abutted the south side of the lower ward and was.
  • A two-story brick building abutted Harris Street west of the hospital.
  • A number of buildings surrounded and abutted the cloister.
  • The apse once abutted the medieval walls of Viterbo.
  • It formerly abutted the medieval walls to the town.
  • A mix of Irish Sea and Lake District ice abutted against its western margins.
  • It turns the corner into The Street where it is abutted by Bell Cottage.
  • The Doulting stone, was abutted to the hall in 1459 by Thomas Beckington.
  • The eastern boundary of this land abutted William Street's Creek Street property.
  • This strange situation resulted from the fact that the female surgical ward abutted the garret.
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