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accusative case sentence in Hindi

"accusative case" meaning in Hindi
  • Only the accusative case for indefinite masculine nouns is often marked.
  • For morphosyntactic alignment, many Australian languages have nominative accusative case marking.
  • In contrast, regular nouns do not have a distinct accusative case.
  • Those orders are permitted in Sakha if accusative case is overtly expressed:
  • That is, it isn't actually accusative case any more.
  • This difference is observable only for masculine nouns in nominative or accusative case.
  • In nominative accusative languages, the accusative case, which marks the patient ).
  • Note that a morphologically distinct accusative case exists in Finnish only for the following pronouns:
  • Me, him, her, us, them are mainly in the Accusative case.
  • Westrobothnian has three grammatical genders in most dialects, two plural forms of accusative case.
  • This preposition functions like accusative case.
  • In German, for example, accusative case is always overt on arguments with masculine gender.
  • In a verbal sentence, the subject takes nominative case and the object takes accusative case.
  • Nominative means it is the subject of the sentence; accusative case is used for the direct object.
  • In particular, the accusative case is assigned through a structural relation between the verbal head and its complement.
  • For example, support accounting for accusative case in Latin-type case marked languages could be presented as:
  • The existence or nonexistence of an accusative case in Finnish thus depends on one's point of view.
  • Pronouns are identical in all cases, though exceptionally the accusative case may be marked, as for nouns.
  • The phenomenon of ECM makes it evident that accusative case is not necessarily assigned to the complement of the assigner.
  • So an'accusative verb'is one which would have an object in the accusative case if used transitively.
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