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English-Hindi > accuser

accuser meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ə'kju:zə ]  sound:  
accuser sentence in Hindi
1.It referred to the accuser by name and sparked intense criticism.

2.These expert witnesses explain why an accuser might change her mind.

3.More than that, he restored his accuser's dignity.

4.They say that Engelbrecht and his accuser share a similar status.

5.Christine Fetrow was the accuser in 10 of the 19 charges.

6.The accusers stepped forward one by one, beginning with Sgt.

7.The president's supporters are seeking to ruin his accusers.

8.Will Clinton's accusers be as devious as he is?

9.McKinney is black; five of his six accusers are white.

10.Xircom has subpoenaed Yahoo ! for the identity of its accuser.

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someone who imputes guilt or blame

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