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accuser sentence in Hindi

"accuser" meaning in Hindi
  • It referred to the accuser by name and sparked intense criticism.
  • These expert witnesses explain why an accuser might change her mind.
  • More than that, he restored his accuser's dignity.
  • They say that Engelbrecht and his accuser share a similar status.
  • Christine Fetrow was the accuser in 10 of the 19 charges.
  • The accusers stepped forward one by one, beginning with Sgt.
  • The president's supporters are seeking to ruin his accusers.
  • Will Clinton's accusers be as devious as he is?
  • McKinney is black; five of his six accusers are white.
  • Xircom has subpoenaed Yahoo ! for the identity of its accuser.
  • But he has also struck back at his accusers with zeal.
  • In those messages, Jovanovic and his accuser traded sexual confidences.
  • His accuser is an individual of questionable motives and suspect reputation.
  • But his accuser, Natasha Delk, complained of justice denied.
  • Only one of James'accusers offered details of alleged improprieties.
  • Bernardin forgave his accuser and even celebrated Mass on his behalf.
  • On Sunday, Hatfill came out swinging against his whispering accusers.
  • Atwater's second accuser did not come forward until February.
  • Bryant's accuser was 19 on June 30, 2003.
  • His accuser is suing the school system for $ 5 million.
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