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accusingly sentence in Hindi

"accusingly" meaning in Hindiaccusingly in a sentence
  • Some simply stand and weep or glare accusingly at the Kremlin.
  • And there are all those envelopes piled up accusingly on the chair.
  • He pointed to it accusingly from the dining room.
  • Pfeiffer said, brandishing an index finger accusingly.
  • Mom ducked her head in and sniffed accusingly.
  • Among the flower beds, a copper statue of Lenin points accusingly at the future.
  • "You ? " says the owner accusingly, standing in the doorway.
  • Before dying, Joffrey points accusingly at Tyrion, who is examining the dropped goblet.
  • I glared at my parents accusingly.
  • "You are your magazine, " says Maya accusingly in the pilot episode.
  • The squirrel glared back down accusingly.
  • Its little witch's hat of a roof pointed accusingly at the dark-gray sky.
  • Some other lawmakers, however, pointed accusingly at leaders of the pro-British unionist parties.
  • "You hop into the sack with everyone you like ? " he asks her accusingly.
  • Gazing at the painting, Tosca says accusingly, " See how she stares intently ."
  • Lagos then looked directly into the camera and accusingly raised his index finger to say directly to all viewers:
  • As he himself self-accusingly admits, he is behaving like Shakespeare's most accomplished ditherer and malcontent.
  • First, companies unquestionably hurt by a powerful event beyond the control of mere CEOs point accusingly to the obvious.
  • I'm not saying whether the information presented is right or wrong, but it is worded very accusingly.
  • "Your fingers ! " he shouted during one rehearsal, pointing accusingly to an actress'right hand.
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