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adaptative meaning in Hindi

adaptative sentence in Hindi
1.The technology used is OFDM sampled at 400 kHz with adaptative modulation and tone mapping.

2.Adaptative Optics is a company dedicated to the creation of hardware support for the motion capture.

3.A complete comparison between human and chimpanzee structural variation also suggested that some of these may be fixed in one species because of its adaptative function.

4.Changes in sea level have a direct adaptative response from beaches and coastal systems, as we can see in the succession of a lowering sea level.

5.Ego psychology, and'Anna-Freudianism', were together seen by Kleinians as maintaining a conformist, adaptative version of psychoanalysis inconsistent with Freud's own views.

6.The etiology of all these syndromes was ascribed by Frota to an adaptative, but extreme and long-lasting up-regulation of the dopaminergic mesolimbic pathway D2-like receptor.

7.Alex McDowell expanded on this by commenting " What is clear is that technology will keep changing, and that the designer must become increasingly adept and adaptative while remaining focused on the creative intent ."

8.For species that may not be able to disperse easily, have long generation times or have small populations, this form of adaptative management and human intervention may help them survive in this rapidly changing climate.

9.They argue that the capacity for rape is either an adaptation or a byproduct of adaptative traits such as sexual desire and aggressiveness . " A Natural History of Rape " provoked controversy and received extensive criticism.

10.They argued that the capacity for rape is either an adaptation, or, a byproduct of adaptative traits such as sexual desire and aggressiveness that have evolved for reasons that have no direct connection with the benefits or costs of rape.

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having a capacity for adaptation; "the adaptive coloring of a chameleon"
Synonyms: adaptive,

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