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English-Hindi > aegir

aegir meaning in Hindi

aegir sentence in Hindi
1.Ella Williams, president of Aegir Systems in Oxnard, agreed.

2.Currently there is no website that provides timetables for the Trent Aegir.

3.In February 2015 Vattenfall announced that it would liquidate Aegir.

4.In recent years Aegir rower Reinder Lubbers was part of the Olympic Crew.

5.Vindicat is also home to cultural and sport sub-organizations like GSR Aegir.

6.The Vikings rally and go looking for Aegir.

7.The Aegir occurs when a high spring tide meets the downstream flow of the river.

8.For the 1972 Summer Olympics GSR Aegir provided the whole crew for the Dutch eight.

9.Nereus, Aegir and Argo lost their boathouses and most of the boats in the war.

10.Baldur decides to leave some men to guard the village as they continue looking for Aegir.

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a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)
Synonyms: tidal bore, bore, eagre, eager,

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