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aegir sentence in Hindi

"aegir" meaning in Hindiaegir in a sentence
  • Ella Williams, president of Aegir Systems in Oxnard, agreed.
  • Currently there is no website that provides timetables for the Trent Aegir.
  • In February 2015 Vattenfall announced that it would liquidate Aegir.
  • In recent years Aegir rower Reinder Lubbers was part of the Olympic Crew.
  • Vindicat is also home to cultural and sport sub-organizations like GSR Aegir.
  • The Vikings rally and go looking for Aegir.
  • The Aegir occurs when a high spring tide meets the downstream flow of the river.
  • For the 1972 Summer Olympics GSR Aegir provided the whole crew for the Dutch eight.
  • Nereus, Aegir and Argo lost their boathouses and most of the boats in the war.
  • Baldur decides to leave some men to guard the village as they continue looking for Aegir.
  • A Tidal bore known as the Trent Aegir can be observed on this stretch of the Trent.
  • The Aegir can be seen at Gainsborough, Morton, East Stockwith, West Stockwith and Owston Ferry.
  • At this time activity on the Aegir Ridge died away and the microcontinent became part of the Eurasian Plate.
  • If this is the case, it is highly probable that Cnut was attempting to turn the Aegir tide.
  • I had to use 20 degrees to get clear . " Aegir " passed close astern ."
  • In December 2015, the IAU announced the winning names were AEgir for the planet and Ran for the star.
  • The relatively thin crust and short lifespan of the Aegir Ridge is anomalous given its proximity to the Iceland hotspot.
  • He and his supporters may have known Gainsborough was the furthest reach of the aegir, and ideal for his demonstration.
  • Being based on Drupal and Drush, Aegir is highly extensible, and several contributed modules exist to extend its functionality.
  • Since then, Hostmaster has evolved into the Aegir system and contributed significantly to the command-line toolkit, Drush.
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