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affluences sentence in Hindi

"affluences" meaning in Hindiaffluences in a sentence
  • Here, evidently, was the source of his new affluence.
  • The widespread affluence that no generation before you has ever known?
  • At the same time, Filipinos here enjoy their new affluence.
  • As a community's affluence rises, its aid declines.
  • They didn't try to exhibit their affluence,"
  • Instead, affluence has reinforced existing conservative, small government values.
  • We need to take responsibility for the affluence of our society.
  • In addition, rising affluence has spurred the demand for imports.
  • Thus, in times of relative affluence thin models become dominant.
  • Still, there are some echoes here of'80s affluence.
  • David Rockefeller looks back after decades of affluence, and influence.
  • Great affluence, in fact, can also generate great poverty.
  • As a result of such affluence, life expectancy has climbed.
  • Obviously, other symbols of affluence will also be less common.
  • Their affluence hangs like a big question mark over their credibility.
  • Many of them do not feel awkward about flaunting their affluence.
  • Harkin was born into general affluence and a politically powerful family.
  • With increasing affluence, their political significance grew especially in Syria.
  • Historically, that affluence is partly a consequence of poverty elsewhere.
  • IBEI has experienced a steady increase in the affluence of students.
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