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affluents sentence in Hindi

"affluents" meaning in Hindiaffluents in a sentence
  • But it would affect the medical establishment and the more affluent.
  • While they are not homeless, most are clearly not affluent.
  • The third option would also reduce benefits for the more affluent.
  • The Web is also attracting an older, more affluent crowd.
  • It has become a frequent phenomenon in the affluent working population.
  • The study compares incomes of poor and affluent households with children.
  • For the most affluent beneficiaries, premiums would more than triple.
  • The GOP proposal would also sharply increase premiums for affluent seniors.
  • The difference is that affluent people can usually afford the consequences.
  • And she is fairly typical : Affluent, white, suburban.
  • Can the less affluent be far behind in taking up cigars?
  • Not all solo moms are affluent Murphy Browns, of course.
  • Cost of living in the affluent surrounding communities can be astronomical.
  • The numbers of new, more affluent users are especially elusive.
  • Even affluent and outspoken AIDS patients can have a hard time.
  • The affluent American is our group and we cater to them,
  • That meant the market was really open only to the affluent.
  • We are Democrats, our base of supporters is less affluent.
  • Their affluent customers are presumably flush from big stock market gains.
  • None of these states is usually thought of as especially affluent.
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