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ailerons sentence in Hindi

"ailerons" meaning in Hindiailerons in a sentence
  • The principles remained the same when ailerons superseded wing-warping.
  • Fitch reported back that the ailerons were not moving at all.
  • The P-61 did not have normal-sized ailerons.
  • Spoilerons also avoid the problem of control reversal that affects ailerons.
  • Many airplanes also have rudder and / or aileron trim systems.
  • The Wrights claimed that the ailerons on their aircraft infringed patents.
  • The two prototype aircraft had ailerons on the upper wing only.
  • Full span ailerons were fitted on both upper and lower wings.
  • Revised ailerons were fitted, the rudder horn balanced and heightened.
  • The ailerons filled most of the trailing edge and carried compensators.
  • Horn balanced ailerons were fitted to both upper and lower wings.
  • The latter carried ailerons over the whole of its trailing edges.
  • Mass balanced ailerons filled more than half of the trailing edge.
  • Full span ailerons were fitted to both upper and lower wings.
  • The slotted ailerons could be drooped together to function as flaps.
  • The short span ailerons extend to the squared-off tips.
  • There were externally interconnected ailerons on both upper and lower wings.
  • The ailerons and dive brakes automatically hook up on aircraft assembly.
  • Ailerons and mono wheel under the wing and a small tailwheel.
  • The ailerons are gapless and split into pairs on either side.
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