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English-Hindi > ailerons

ailerons meaning in Hindi

ailerons sentence in Hindi
1.The principles remained the same when ailerons superseded wing-warping.

2.Fitch reported back that the ailerons were not moving at all.

3.The P-61 did not have normal-sized ailerons.

4.Spoilerons also avoid the problem of control reversal that affects ailerons.

5.Many airplanes also have rudder and / or aileron trim systems.

6.The Wrights claimed that the ailerons on their aircraft infringed patents.

7.The two prototype aircraft had ailerons on the upper wing only.

8.Full span ailerons were fitted on both upper and lower wings.

9.Revised ailerons were fitted, the rudder horn balanced and heightened.

10.The ailerons filled most of the trailing edge and carried compensators.

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