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English-Hindi > ails

ails meaning in Hindi

ails sentence in Hindi
1.“Grow up!” she scolds Muslims. “And take responsibility for our role in what ails Islam.” Although a TV journalist and personality, Manji - a practicing Muslim - brings real insight to her subject. “I appreciate that every faith has its share of literalists. Christians have their Evangelicals. Jews have the ultra-Orthodox. For God's sake, even Buddhists have fundamentalists. But what this book hammers home is that only in Islam is literalism mainstream.”
अपने इन प्रयासों के लिए मन्जी को आत्मघृणा ,अप्रासंगिक , मुसलमानों को बेचनेवाली और ईशनिन्दा वाला बताया गया । उस पर दो आरोप लगाये गये हैं कि उसने इस्लाम की अवमानना की और मुसलमानों को मानवता की श्रेणी से गिराया ।

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