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English-Hindi > airless

airless meaning in Hindi

airless sentence in Hindi
1.There are no people in these airless, scrupulously posed interiors.

2.Inside the courtroom on Tuesday night, there was airless silence.

3.If Pluto is airless, the star would wink out suddenly.

4.Scorsese crafted airless museum pieces _ so beautiful, so precise.

5.It was a very small, hot, and airless cell.

6.It was a very small, hot, and airless cell,

7.Neither spirituality nor earthiness is synonymous with frosty, airless formal perfection.

8.Airless but not cheerless, the work has an effective dark humor.

9.In space, a ruptured space suit could become airless and fatal.

10.He also performed risky repairs last month inside the airless Spektr module.

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lacking fresh air; "a dusty airless attic"; "the dreadfully close atmosphere"; "hot and stuffy and the air was blue with smoke"
Synonyms: close, stuffy, unaired,

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