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English-Hindi > airlifted

airlifted meaning in Hindi

airlifted sentence in Hindi
• हवाई परिवहन

• वायुवाहित
• वायुयान वाहित
• हवाई परिवहन करना
• हवाई जहाज द्वारा मदद करना
• हवाई जहाज द्वारा लोगो या सामानों को लाना-लेजाना
• वायु वाहित
1.His body is scheduled to be airlifted to Balikpapan later today.

2.Higley was airlifted to Methodist Medical Center in Dallas for tests.

3.He was airlifted to a Port Arthur hospital where he died.

4.Eberhardt was airlifted from Hancock Memorial Hospital to Atlanta Medical Center.

5.Its sprawling dining room could have been airlifted from Los Angeles.

6.Both were airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center in St . Petersburg.

7.He was airlifted from Anchorage to Harborview Medical Center Monday morning.

8.He was airlifted from Anchorage to Harborview Medical Center yesterday morning.

9.A man and a woman were airlifted to Miami for treatment.

10.He was then airlifted to the Foote Hospital in nearby Jackson.

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