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alfresco sentence in Hindi

"alfresco" meaning in Hindi
  • In 2007, Alfresco hired the principal sales engineer from Vignette.
  • Market leaders are Alfresco, eXo Platform and EMC with Documentum.
  • Move to the patio, balcony or back yard for breakfast alfresco.
  • Whimsical furnishings also help instill a lightness of spirit for alfresco dining.
  • And alfresco dining is planned for the 44th Street side.
  • It is home to many Italian restaurants and alfresco caf�s.
  • Simple but chic fare is a good rule of thumb for alfresco feasting.
  • A bloke pauses in mid-alfresco-mouthful.
  • Perks : Alfresco Cafe, boutiques, informal modeling.
  • Alfresco cafes overlook the grassy slopes behind Main Beach.
  • This included anchor tenant, alfresco-dining area on the first floor.
  • Darby Street has approximately 25 restaurants and caf�s some which enjoy alfresco dining.
  • He continued to play alfresco on Chicago's West Side for decades.
  • Seldom is the play presented completely alfresco as in this Lincoln Center Theater production.
  • And I have no romance with alfresco performance.
  • After dining alfresco, our group split up.
  • Alfresco comes in two flavours [ 2 ].
  • Alfresco Community Edition is free software, GPL licensed open source and open standards.
  • Another upscale 24 / 7 alfresco strip called Gateway Park is now under construction.
  • The'Star'restaurant is in the west end of alfresco deck alongside.
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