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algae sentence in Hindi

"algae" meaning in Hindi
  • Time after time, she said, the algae was destroyed.
  • Arlington's water is treated with chloramine to prevent algae.
  • The influx of food makes the icebound population of algae explode.
  • Can blue-green algae and Ginkgo biloba be far behind?
  • So we went back down the food chain to the algae.
  • The pond itself provides their food in the form of algae.
  • A . : The ocean, surely, with the algae.
  • For most water gardeners, a bigger concern is algae growth.
  • "I don't actually dislike algae,"
  • Oysters, clams and shellfish rest on a bed of algae.
  • Finally, about that mold and algae ( Question 4 ).
  • If the algae do not return, the corals can die.
  • The water in the small dip pool is colored with algae.
  • Or you can wipe down the sides with an algae pad.
  • The tides also bring the bacteria and algae the shellfish eat.
  • The toxic algae needs phosphorus and nitrogen as nutrition to grow.
  • The next generation features Aaron Baddeley and his green algae bars.
  • Green algae and purple fungus also cling to its marble surface.
  • The algae are also an important food source for marine life.
  • The algae supports more biodiversity than anywhere else in North America.
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