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English-Hindi > amylums

amylums meaning in Hindi

amylums sentence in Hindi
1.Starch or amylum is a polysaccharide produced by all green plants as an energy store.

2.In 2000 it acquired the remaining minorities of Amylum and A . E . Staley.

3.Amylase, also secreted by the pancreas, breaks down starch ( amylum ) and other carbohydrates.

4."Amylum " for starch is from the amyl is used in biochemistry for several compounds related to starch.

5.Last year's figure included a 12.6 million-pound one-time charge for the costs of a reorganization in the Amylum starch business.

6.In 2007 the starch sugar and bioethanol part ( 5 plants ) of the European starch division of Tate & Lyle known as Amylum group, was bought by starch subsidiary Syral of Tereos.

7.In October 2007, five European starch and alcohol plants, previously part of the European starch division knowns as Amylum group, were sold to Syral, a subsidiary of French sugar company Tereos.

8.The result included a one-time charge of 25.5 million pounds for the costs of a reorganization at its Amylum unit and a write-down of the costs of decommissioning an older plant.

9.In Europe, where the company's businesses include London-based Tate & AMP; Lyle Sugars and the Belgium-based glutamate producer Amylum, operating profit rose 5.7 percent to 144.3 million pounds.

10.They included Alcatel, a Tunnel Refiners / Amylum glucose plant ( from 1976 until about 2008 part of Tate & Lyle ) which closed in 2009, and two large marine aggregate terminals on the Delta Metals and Victoria Deep Water Terminal sites.

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