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anality sentence in Hindi

"anality" meaning in Hindianality in a sentence
  • :In German folklore, one finds an inordinate number of texts concerned with anality.
  • And while diagnoses of narcissism, delusional identity and infantile anality may not entirely satisfy, her larger point is sound.
  • And patronizing speculation : of the novelist's fear of rats, he writes, " Had Proust been psychoanalyzed, which he never was, the psychoanalysts would no doubt furnish an explanation for it, linking it to anality and masochism ."
  • To celebrate their 20th year of activity, in 2010 is released " Vent'anni di Analit?" ( 20 Years of Anality ), which contains 2 new tracks : " Stamo ancora Qua " ( " We're still here ", a self-celebrative song in which Prophilax briefly resume their story ) and " M'arrazzo col Trans " ( A song about a sexual scandal which involved an Italian governor ), plus re-recordings of 12 old classics chosen by the fans.
  • Thomas Allen Nelson has said that in this part of his performance, " Sellers twists his conception of Quilty toward that neo-Nazi monster, who will roll out of the cavernous shadows of Dr . Strangelove ", later noting that Zempf " exaggerates Humbert's European pomposity through his psychobabble and German anality . " The Kubrick interview has been commented by Geoffrey Cocks, author of a controversial book on the impact of the Holocaust on Kubrick's overall work, who notes that " Dr . Strangelove himself . . . is the mechanical chimera of modern horror ."

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