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applicabilities sentence in Hindi

"applicabilities" meaning in Hindiapplicabilities in a sentence
  • It fails to refute the applicability of the reasoning of Cipollone.
  • Applicability of ABC is bound to cost of required data capture.
  • Critically evaluates the preparative applicability and significance of the synthetic methods.
  • This model has also applicability as upper boundary to Fanno flow.
  • For this reason they may still have applicability in special situations.
  • The balance are somewhat borderline in terms of applicability and verifiability.
  • Discrimination applies to opportunities at work or applicability for a duty.
  • Disputing 1 sentence simply does not remove the applicability of BHD.
  • Heuristic processing is governed by availability, accessibility, and applicability.
  • Thus, it has a potential for applicability in various areas.
  • This preliminary study's applicability to other circumstances is unclear.
  • I was utterly taken with its applicability to middle-school children.
  • Others are less certain about the applicability of AxCell's work.
  • This has direct consequences for the applicability of potential flow.
  • Yet Rathenau was unable to convince Germans of its applicability.
  • Other integral transforms find special applicability within other scientific and mathematical disciplines.
  • BAPCPA also limited the applicability of the automatic stay in eviction proceedings.
  • Privacy is different from anonymity in its applicability and usage.
  • The applicability of the defence must focus on the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Often researchers concentrate on defining the applicability function for various spatial relations.
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