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English-Hindi > applicabilities

applicabilities meaning in Hindi

applicabilities sentence in Hindi
1.It fails to refute the applicability of the reasoning of Cipollone.

2.Applicability of ABC is bound to cost of required data capture.

3.Critically evaluates the preparative applicability and significance of the synthetic methods.

4.This model has also applicability as upper boundary to Fanno flow.

5.For this reason they may still have applicability in special situations.

6.The balance are somewhat borderline in terms of applicability and verifiability.

7.Discrimination applies to opportunities at work or applicability for a duty.

8.Disputing 1 sentence simply does not remove the applicability of BHD.

9.Heuristic processing is governed by availability, accessibility, and applicability.

10.Thus, it has a potential for applicability in various areas.

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