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English-Hindi > arkansas river

arkansas river meaning in Hindi

arkansas river sentence in Hindi
आर्कन्सास नदी
arkansas    अरकंसास आर्कन्सास
river    दरिया नदी
1.The plains are sparsely settled with most population along the Arkansas rivers.

2.The city's namesake rock juts out from the Arkansas River bank downtown.

3.At first, the architects sited the library parallel to the Arkansas River.

4.Brent was named for the Brent Ferry on the nearby Arkansas River.

5.The first tornado of the Burrton and to the Little Arkansas River.

6.Coal is mostly located in the Arkansas River Valley in western Arkansas.

7.The plant is threatened by recreational activities in the Arkansas River Valley.

8.After the waterworks was damaged beyond repair by an Arkansas River flood.

9.It was founded in 1883 as a railhead on the Arkansas River.

10.The creek s confluence with the Arkansas River is located in Blackburn.

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