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arkosic meaning in Hindi

arkosic sentence in Hindi
1.Sandstones are arkosic, hard, and range from white to tan in color.

2.At its base it consists of green shale and sandstone and coarsens upwards to arkosic conglomerates.

3.A fine-grained Precambrian arkosic sandstone and stratified, unconsolidated gray to grayish-yellow sand, silt and local gravels.

4.The formation throughout its geographic range consists of layer upon layer of well-bedded argillaceous silty to sandy shales, with smaller interbeds of arkosic sandstone.

5.Sandstones interbedded with the shales are arkosic, light gray to tan, and sometimes massive, as at the base of the type section on Hollister Ranch.

6.This lack of sorting and grain rounding is typical of arkosic sandstones and is indicative of relatively rapid erosion from the granites of the growing mountains to the south.

7.Uranium is present as uraninite, coffinite, and arkosic sandstone, congolmerate, and in sediments interbedded with Miocene volcanic flows . uranium is associated with carbonaceous material, and pyrite.

8.This shale makes a distinct notch between the resistant cliff-forming quartzites of the Shinumo Quartzite underlying them and resistant cliff-forming arkosic sandstones of the Dox Formation overlying them.

9.Hohokam Plain and Red wares were primarily tempered with a variety of materials including micaceous, phyllite, or Squaw Peak schist, as well as granite, quartz, quartzite, and arkosic sands.

10.Composed of arkosic sandstone, it's the largest stone monolith in the world, and is thought to be the tip of a mountain extending to an unknown depth below Earth's surface.

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