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English-Hindi > ascaphus

ascaphus meaning in Hindi

ascaphus sentence in Hindi
1.The tailed frog ( " Ascaphus truei " ) exhibits internal fertilisation.

2.Their coastal tailed frog ( " Ascaphus truei " ) lives in mountain streams in North America and does not vocalize.

3.It was defined by Michel Laurin ( 2001 ) and Vallin and Laurin ( 2004 ) as the largest clade that includes " Homo sapiens ", but not " Ascaphus truei ".

4.In most anurans, the males deposit sperm onto the eggs as they are being laid, however males of the genus " Ascaphus " possess an intromittent organ, unique among anurans, for internal fertilization.

5.Near-endemics, those that occur in the Olympics as well as other parts of a limited range, include the Cope's giant salamander ( " Dicamptodon copei " ), and the Van Dyke's salamander ( " Plethodon vandykei ", ) both found primarily in the Olympics and other mountainous areas of western Washington; the tailed frog ( " Ascaphus truei " ), of Pacific Northwest mountain streams, and the mountain beaver ( " Aplodontia rufa " ) of the coastal Pacific Northwest.

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