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ascendances sentence in Hindi

"ascendances" meaning in Hindiascendances in a sentence
  • China too has been affected by the ascendance of the Taliban.
  • Fugazi delivers a stinging critique of punk rock's recent ascendance.
  • Datek's ascendance would not have been possible without Sheldon Maschler.
  • Basic beliefs include reincarnation and meditation to achieve spiritual ascendance.
  • Brown's ascendance has not come easily, though.
  • Tiede attempts to chronicle the ascendance of the self-help movement.
  • Sao Caetano's ascendance has been even more remarkable.
  • Jawara s ascendance to the leadership of the party was hardly contested.
  • One theme of the festivities was the ascendance of women in the profession.
  • Thus the pressure to fill every seat, and the ascendance of marketing.
  • With the ascendance of Anna, eroticism trumps athleticism.
  • Springsteen, through his publicist, did not comment on his academic ascendance.
  • The synthesizer's ascendance in the advertising world has made their musicians hungrier.
  • I note with pleasure the ascendance of right-wing kooks in French elections.
  • Still, the ascendance of movies is irreversible.
  • Alternative computerized trading forums are in ascendance and may just as quickly usurp it.
  • Thus, the ascendance of virtual reality.
  • The ascendance of a new generation of leaders has also made American Indians more assertive.
  • And as Keitt watches his ascendance, he entertains fleeting hopes of remaining his trainer.
  • "I think you'll see a military on the ascendance,"
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