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ascendancies sentence in Hindi

"ascendancies" meaning in Hindi
  • Since his ascendancy, his citizen following is much in evidence.
  • The ascendancy of Chagall in 1920 could not have been predicted.
  • But that is precisely what happened once strident nationalists gained ascendancy.
  • Ascendancy is addictive, very replayable and well worth the wait.
  • Van Wagoner's ascendancy follows two years of woeful returns.
  • For years, the slider has had ascendancy over the curve.
  • The ascendancy of the It dog used to be fairly predictable.
  • Freedom and the rule of law are clearly on the ascendancy,
  • In their place they endorsed the political ascendancy of the Jacobins.
  • Essentially, Yuan was preparing for his ascendancy as the emperor.
  • Zog failed to stave off Italian ascendancy in Albanian internal affairs.
  • He also had family connections to a tradition of Ascendancy politics.
  • Other scholars remark on the ascendancy that his writings earned Iulianus.
  • Uecker lived with Darling during her ascendancy into the public eye.
  • This elite would become to be known as the Protestant Ascendancy.
  • His intellectual ascendancy was ongoing when he committed suicide in 1913.
  • Vampires'ascendancy is part and parcel of the rise of Halloween.
  • But some California officials find Hallinan's ascendancy disturbing.
  • These are the heady days of Moses Mobusa Kivinga's ascendancy.
  • We certainly felt that the reformers were in the ascendancy.
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