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English-Hindi > ascendancies

ascendancies meaning in Hindi

ascendancies sentence in Hindi
1.Since his ascendancy, his citizen following is much in evidence.

2.The ascendancy of Chagall in 1920 could not have been predicted.

3.But that is precisely what happened once strident nationalists gained ascendancy.

4.Ascendancy is addictive, very replayable and well worth the wait.

5.Van Wagoner's ascendancy follows two years of woeful returns.

6.For years, the slider has had ascendancy over the curve.

7.The ascendancy of the It dog used to be fairly predictable.

8.Freedom and the rule of law are clearly on the ascendancy,

9.In their place they endorsed the political ascendancy of the Jacobins.

10.Essentially, Yuan was preparing for his ascendancy as the emperor.

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