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ascendencies sentence in Hindi

"ascendencies" meaning in Hindi
  • The ascendency of administrative research provided an effective foil for critics.
  • To appreciate Price's ascendency is to examine the recent statistics.
  • Bill Ford said Tuesday in the midst of his ascendency.
  • Fighting continued throughout Khurasan with the Abbasids gaining increasing ascendency.
  • After the wedding, Nur Jehan quickly gained ascendency over her husband.
  • Satan's hosts gain the ascendency in the battle.
  • Kumbela was exiled, but Lungshar failed to gain ascendency.
  • Kasarib gains the ascendency over him and learns the secret.
  • Originally most farmhouses are inherited by parents of Gozitan ascendency.
  • His rather shaky political ascendency was reinforced by circumstances.
  • Ascendency is derived using mathematical tools from information theory.
  • French and German psychiatric nosology was in the ascendency.
  • At the time of his appointment the Japanese legation was in the ascendency.
  • BRIDGET FOLEY : Do you think there's a new ascendency in fashion?
  • Her ascendency was contingent on converting to Buddhism.
  • The issues in ascendency are ones where women are seen as having expertise and credibility,
  • It is an industry in rapid ascendency.
  • There had long been religious fervour and a kind of messianic expectation of Abbasid ascendency.
  • Some critics say Democrats are partly to blame for the new ascendency of business in Washington.
  • Genoa lost the naval ascendency that the city-state had enjoyed prior to the war.
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