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attribution sentence in Hindi

"attribution" meaning in Hindiattribution in a sentence
  • Al Gore and Hillary Rodham Clinton have made the same attribution.
  • And he said he has tried to correct this attribution before.
  • Every such scene contains attribution to the memories of the participants.
  • At least I have seen very few even not for attribution.
  • In neither case, did Pacioli include an attribution to Piero.
  • This attribution has stuck down the centuries up to modern times.
  • Tiedens examined in her study whether anger expression promotes status attribution.
  • The template is provided to aid the editor with adding attribution.
  • These attributions have not stood up to the test of time.
  • The attribution of one of these to Juno Quiritis is uncertain.
  • Links should not be suppressed for any image that requires attribution.
  • Although species are generally well circumscribed, their attribution to morphology.
  • Could I please get attribution for these edits I made anonymously?
  • :Go here : Wikipedia : Changing attribution for an edit.
  • Be sure to provide mandatory copyright attribution when you do so.
  • None of Whieldon s pottery was marked, making attribution difficult.
  • Attribution of some of the most significant works is still debated.
  • In February 2007 the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  • Actually, most blacksmiths in mythology were described with such attributions.
  • "Inside " MIT references also appear in film without attribution.
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