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English-Hindi > audiometer

audiometer meaning in Hindi

audiometer sentence in Hindi
1.The data received from an audiometer is called an audiogram.

2.His machine became the basis of the audiometers later manufactured at Western Electric.

3.An experimenter would generally use an audiometer to find the auditory threshold of a subject.

4.The audiometer measures the ability to hear sounds at frequencies normally detectable by the human ear.

5.Several test are usually conducted using the audiometer which will then be used to assess hearing ability.

6.In pure tone audiometry, an audiometer is used to play a series of tones using headphones.

7.His SHOEBOX audiometer is now being used widely across Canada, in schools through the iHear Project.

8."' Hearing level "'is the sound pressure level produced by an audiometer at a specific frequency.

9.In 1949, ADC sold its audiometer product line and Ralph Allison left the company to form a new business in California.

10.The audio units each hold two back-up audiometers and sound level meters which are operated by qualified occupational health specialists.

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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing
Synonyms: sonometer,

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