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English-Hindi > audiometry

audiometry meaning in Hindi

audiometry sentence in Hindi
1.Monitoring can be completed through performing otoacoustic emissions testing or high frequency audiometry.

2.Often visualization is combined with audiometry or speech analyzation.

3.To make the test less boring, Moran used a technique called conditioned play audiometry.

4.When audiometry is applied to industry, audiometrists are sometimes also called Occupational Hearing Conservationists.

5.The word " Audiometrist " is derived from the word Audiometry, as distinct from Audiology.

6.Audiometry shows a progressive sensineural deafness.

7.In pure tone audiometry, an audiometer is used to play a series of tones using headphones.

8.Note : the Weber and Rinne are screening tests that are not replacements for formal audiometry hearing tests.

9.Recommended Procedure : Pure Tone air and bone conduction threshold audiometry with and without masking and determination of uncomfortable loudness levels.

10.Therefore, high frequency audiometry is an effective method of monitoring losses that are suspected to have been caused by these factors.

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measuring sensitivity of hearing

the measurement of hearing
Synonyms: audiology,

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