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audiotape meaning in Hindi

audiotape sentence in Hindi
• ऑडियो टेप
1.William Blum, a Washington, D.C. writer, responded delightedly last Thursday on learning that Osama bin Laden had cited his book in an audiotape. Blum called the mention of Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower “almost as good as being an Oprah book,” a reference to the popular American television host whose endorsement routinely makes a book a bestseller.
[ बिलियम ब्लम और ] अल कायदा की वामपंथी ब्रिग्रेड

2.Such exposure so worries some on the far left that they have gone so far as to portray the bin Laden audiotape to be “an obvious fake” concocted by neo-conservatives in the U.S. government. But elaborate conspiracy theories cannot undo the fact that the Islamist-leftist alliance, burgeoning for years, has now reached the point that the far left constitutes Al-Qaeda's new mujahideen . After having failed to mount a massive terrorist operation in the United States in over four years, bin Laden's early but very public Valentine to the far left suggests that he sees it as a critical ally. And he is entirely correct to do so.
यद्यपि ब्लम अपनी अचानक बढी ख्याति और सम्रद्धि से बालसुलभ प्रसन्न दिख रहे हैं परन्तु बिन लादेन द्वारा की गई पुष्टि से उनके खांटी वामपंथी मित्र भी चिन्तित हैं. क्लिफ किनकेड ने इस चिन्ता को जताते हुये कहा है कि बिन लादेन वामपंथियों को अमेरिका के पांचवे स्तम्भ के रुप में चिन्हित कर रहा है और आतंकवाद के विरुद्ध युद्ध को कमजोर कर रहा है जिससे युद्धभूमि में उसे सफलता मिलती है.

magnetic tape for use in recording sound

a tape recording of sound

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