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English-Hindi > aurone

aurone meaning in Hindi

aurone sentence in Hindi
1."' Aurone "'is a heterocyclic chemical compound which is a type of flavonoid.

2.In aurone, a chalcone-like group is closed into a 5-membered ring instead of the 6-membered ring more typical of flavonoids.

3.Absente's U . S . marketing effort had long sought to associate the liqueur with traditional absinthe through statements such as, " " The only difference is we replaced Wormwood . . . with a less bitter cousin called Southern-Wormwood, also known as " Petite Absinthe, " which allows us to offer Absente in the United States . " " The reference to " petite absinthe " is inaccurate, as " petite absinthe " refers invariably to'Roman wormwood'( " Artemisia pontica " ) throughout credible distillation treatises, while'southernwood'is historically referred to as " aurone ", " abrotone ", or " armoise citronelle ", and is scarcely ever mentioned, if at all.

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