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auroral zone sentence in Hindi

"auroral zone" meaning in Hindi
  • A geomagnetic storm expands the auroral zone to lower latitudes.
  • Radiation received also varies with geographical location ( polar, auroral zones, mid-latitudes, and equatorial regions ).
  • Poker Flat lies under the auroral zone, a doughnut-shaped expanse of sky around Earth's geomagnetic pole near Thule, Greenland.
  • Furthermore, these networks must have overlapping Fields-of-View that span latitudes from the polar region, through the auroral zone, to sub-auroral latitudes.
  • AE index is compiled from geomagnetic disturbances at 12 geomagnetic observatories in and near the auroral zones and is recorded at 1-minute intervals.
  • The AE index indicates the intensity of geomagnetic substorms except during a major geomagnetic storm when the auroral zones expand equatorward from the observatories.
  • The auroral zone in the northern hemisphere passes over the upper half of Alaska and Canada, as well as northern Scandivania, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  • The southern counterpart, the Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights, has features that are almost identical to the Aurora Borealis and changes simultaneously with changes in the northern auroral zone.
  • In the high latitude ionosphere ( or auroral zones ), the Birkeland currents close through the region of the auroral electrojet, which flows perpendicular to the local magnetic field in the ionosphere.
  • This location was chosen because it was important to carry out a sounding rocket programme in the auroral zone, and essential that ESRO equip itself with a suitable range in the northern latitudes.
  • This is partly due to the increase in the interconnectedness at higher voltages, connections in terms of power transmission to grids in the auroral zone, and grids operating closer to capacity than in the past.
  • The zone occurs where Earth's magnetic field lines converge upon the atmosphere as they loop around the planet from the southern geomagnetic pole to the northern one ( there's a southern auroral zone too ).
  • The sheet on the high latitude side of the auroral zone is referred to as the Region 1 current sheet and the sheet on the low latitude side is referred to as the Region 2 current sheet.
  • Gas is accreted from the stellar companion and is channeled by the neutron star's magnetic field on to the magnetic poles producing two or more localized X-ray hot spots, similar to the two auroral zones on Earth, but far hotter.
  • Most auroras occur in a band known as the " auroral zone ", which is typically 3?to 6?wide in latitude and observed at 10?to 20?from the geomagnetic poles at all longitudes, but often most vividly around the spring and autumn equinoxes.
  • Each satellite carries a scientific payload of 11 instruments designed to study the small-scale plasma structures in space and time in the key plasma regions : solar wind, bow shock, magnetopause, polar cusps, magnetotail, plasmapause boundary layer and over the polar caps and the auroral zones.

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