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auroras sentence in Hindi

"auroras" meaning in Hindiauroras in a sentence
  • Leon Jimines and La Aurora are the brands she distributes nationally.
  • When I drive down Aurora, I get a few fingers.
  • The handling is fine; Aurora corners well, tracks well.
  • She feels she and Aurora share many of the same values.
  • MacLaine feels even Aurora finds such a balance in the end.
  • The colors can blend so that auroras can appear any color.
  • Aurora President Mike Henning said of the district's order.
  • "I wanted to feel Aurora's energy again.
  • It wouldn't bother Aurora that he was her therapist.
  • Coincidentally, she lives in Aurora's hometown, Houston.
  • Words worthy of Aurora Greenway _ or Shirley MacLaine _ herself.
  • "Neither can they, " spits back Aurora.
  • MacLaine's Aurora could be Oscar bait all over again.
  • The light, she later learned, was the aurora borealis.
  • The IRL relies on Olds Aurora and Nissan Infiniti power plants.
  • An Oldsmobile Aurora V8 was this year's pace car.
  • Here is an Aurora who needs only to breathe a little.
  • The Aurora is Oldsmobile's answer to European touring sedans.
  • Aurora has also restored some sizzle to well-known brands.
  • There were amazing flashes of aurora crystal on a tank top.
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