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aurorae sentence in Hindi

"aurorae" meaning in Hindi
  • ESA announced in June 2006 the discovery of aurorae on Mars.
  • Electromagnetic ( EM ) fields affect the motion of aurorae ).
  • The main ovals are the dominant part of the Jovian aurorae.
  • Six million people were aurorae as far south as Texas.
  • During the polar night, a lot of aurorae can be observed.
  • Aurorae have been observed on Jupiter and its moon Ganymede.
  • Terrestrial aurorae are not improbably excited by charged particles emitted by the Sun.
  • These include : aurorae as far south as Texas.
  • In some circumstances, bioluminescence, aurorae, and lightning can provide some illumination.
  • J . F . Heard calls St�rmer " the acknowledged authority " on aurorae.
  • The ionosphere, geomagnetism and aurorae were studied.
  • Energetic electrons entering its thin atmosphere are responsible for the observed Ganymedian polar aurorae.
  • The aurorae of Saturn are highly variable.
  • Today, the dominant theories are that the rain is caused by red dust aurorae.
  • A music video for the track " Aurorae " was released on 7 August 2014.
  • Both lightning and aurorae have been observed on other bodies after extensive study at Earth.
  • Uranus has relatively well developed aurorae, which are seen as bright arcs around both magnetic poles.
  • Solar energetic particles can cause particularly strong aurorae in large regions around Earth's magnetic poles.
  • Schove and Peng-Yoke have suggested that the phenomenon may be connected to sunspots and aurorae.
  • During the Maunder Minimum aurorae had been observed seemingly normally, with a regular decadal-scale cycle.
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