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aurum sentence in Hindi

"aurum" meaning in Hindiaurum in a sentence
  • "Aurum's industry has been really hot,"
  • Aurum can, at times, be very predictable.
  • Aurum also participates in the weekly Geyser Hill wave.
  • In 2010 they released the follow up album " Aurum ".
  • Aurum rose 2 to 18 1 / 8.
  • Aurum rose 1 7 / 8 to 19.
  • Both were published by Aurum Press in paperback.
  • The newspaper changed its name back to " The Aurum " in January 2010.
  • Aurum ore's theory, if he has one, is simply nuts.
  • Entertainment One acquired Alliance and Aurum in January 2013, which rearranged distribution rights.
  • Aurum was acquired by US private equity firm Apollo Global Management in December 2012.
  • The Aurum acquisition makes Baan the only company able to offer a complete enterprise package.
  • With the agreement, Aurum has increased its total number of employees to approximately 350.
  • The book is published by Aurum Press.
  • Adam Cuerden writes " The characteristics of Aurum but the influence of sulphur is strong.
  • The move combines Baan's manufacturing software with Aurum's customer-relations software.
  • Options outstanding to buy Aurum stock would be exchanged into Baan options at the same ratio.
  • The company's Aurum Software unit introduced an upgraded version of its Customer Enterprise software.
  • In Spain the film is distributed by Aurum and was released on DVD in November 2008.
  • He mostly publishes with Aurum Press.
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