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English-Hindi > avantage

avantage meaning in Hindi

avantage sentence in Hindi
1.Simpson said of the indoor surface at the Club Avantage.

2.The Argentine found it a bit difficult playing on the hard, indoor surface at Club Avantage.

3.Le Wydad Athletic club n est pas venu pour le sport mais pour aviver, d avantage, la lutte contre l Occupant!

4.The air conditioning was not available with the diesel engine because they were not compatible, so the top version for the diesel range was designated Avantage.

5.In 2011 Sidetrade bought Cashback Avantage Clients, an audit firm specialized in financial institutions and in 2013, the Sage Group's FRP Collect activity.

6.Major shops are Linux cafe ( internet cafe ), gyrovolies ( kebab shop ), Joanna ( clothwear ), Avantage ( cafe bar ) and others.

7."La d�lation est la d�nonciation faite dans le but d'en retirer un avantage personnel ( ou inspir�e par un motif m�prisable, selon la d�finition du Robert ).

8.Steinberg's became Parade in 1985, another brand of Steinberg's, which in turn changed in 1987 for Super March?Avantage, also a brand of Steinberg's.

9.In San Jose, California, the Flames rocked the Sharks 9-2 Thursday night to narrow San Jose's avantage to 2-1 in the best-of-7 series.

10.At Avantage Hair Design across the street from Southern California Savings and Loan, many customers called to cancel their appointments and " quite a few customers got stranded here, " manager Meg Azarian said.

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