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English-Hindi > avantika

avantika meaning in Hindi

avantika sentence in Hindi
1.The winner was Akhil and the second winner was Avantika Vandanapu.

2.Avantika realizes that she is a pawn in Ehsaan s game.

3.Riyaz tries to spoil the plan with the help of Avantika.

4.Avantika notices Tappu but can't make out his face.

5.But the letter gets in the hands of Omkar before Avantika.

6.Her colleagues on Headlines include Avantika, Nida Khan besides others.

7.Avantika entered Telugu Film Industry in 2015 and signed two movies.

8.Soon Avantika gives birth to Nanda's daughter, Nandini.

9.The first one, Avantika, gets married through arrangement.

10.Ruchika and Avantika try to touch the Naagmani but fail.

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