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babbling sentence in Hindi

"babbling" meaning in Hindibabbling in a sentence
  • Out on the street, there are women who babble incoherently.
  • That babble has given way to a cacophony of unanswered questions.
  • Back in our time, the babbling Cole is quickly committed.
  • There was no TV set constantly on like some babbling babysitter.
  • He begins babbling about herpes as soon as he sees her.
  • Radio babble is easy to silence; just turn it off.
  • A mute town crier; a non-babbling anchor man.
  • Had I stumbled into a Tom Clancy techno-babble novel?
  • Wilfred was found panhandling on the streets, disoriented, babbling.
  • On days like this, we just start babbling in Hallmark.
  • As you sit there, babbling random thoughts, you wonder.
  • The audience is left stranded atop an electrical Tower of Babble.
  • For good measure I throw in a little psycho-babble.
  • "bumbling " and " babbling ."
  • And good workers know where to find the tower of babble.
  • It includes a working microphone so that babies can babble along.
  • It starts out babbling and gradually refines its tune over time.
  • Her son stood on the stairs babbling " Abooba abooba ."
  • "No parent wants to coo and babble all the time.
  • People feared it would be a lot of Chinese people babbling,
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