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babe sentence in Hindi

"babe" meaning in Hindibabe in a sentence
  • "I'm going home, babe ."
  • Modern record : Babe Ruth, Yankees, 177, 1921.
  • Jordan is considered to be the sport's Babe Ruth.
  • From baseball lore, we learned the legend of Babe Ruth.
  • Briggs remembers the Babe being full of life, enjoying himself.
  • Sports heroes like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson.
  • But they don't draw like the Babe ."
  • Babe Ruth remains, quite simply, one of a kind.
  • If only the Babe could also take care of baseball now.
  • Babe Ruth returned as the modern ballplayer is a frightening concept.
  • The Babe as baseball pitcher, Olympic hurdler and harmonica virtuoso.
  • The truck driver was in a bubble bath with this babe,
  • Why link Tom Prince and The Babe in the same sentence?
  • The " bikini-babe business " is shaky.
  • This gives Babe a curious perspective on animal mores and alliances.
  • The Missus takes one look at Babe and thinks Christmas dinner!
  • The Babe in " Babe " is a pig.
  • The Babe in " Babe " is a pig.
  • Jack's wife, now there was one happy babe.
  • "Caspar " and " Babe ."
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