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English-Hindi > baby buggy

baby buggy meaning in Hindi

baby buggy sentence in Hindi
बच्चा गाड़ी
baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
buggy    इक्का घोड़ा गाड़ी
1.Baby Buggy provides essential maternity and baby-related items to families in need.

2.The trams were criticized for not having sufficient space for baby buggies.

3.In 2013, Baby Buggy received its fourth Four Star rating from Charity Navigator.

4.In 2013, Thyme partnered with Baby Buggy, a nonprofit organization founded by Jessica Seinfeld.

5.As of 2008, 88 cents of every dollar received by Baby Buggy went straight to programs.

6.Talk about a new twist on that old tongue twister, " Rubber baby buggy bumpers ."

7.In that room, she discovers plenty of photos on a wall and in a baby buggy.

8.As of 2014, 90 cents of every dollar received by Baby Buggy went straight to programs.

9.Thus, Baby Buggy was born . 

10."' Baby Buggy "'was founded in May 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld after the birth of her first child.

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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
Synonyms: baby carriage, carriage, perambulator, pram, stroller, go-cart, pushchair, pusher,

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