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English-Hindi > baboon

baboon meaning in Hindi

noun plural: baboons   
baboon sentence in Hindi
1.Normally a baboon weighs between 850 and 950 grams at birth.

2.The baboons survived; more important, so did the transplants.

3.The organs from the transgenic pig are then transplanted into baboons.

4.A yawn from a large baboon male is really quite scary,

5.Watch _ keep an eye out _ for crocodile and baboons.

6.Could baboon cells teach human cells how to fight the virus?

7.But if a baboon wants your ball let him keep it.

8.He was running up the walls like a baboon on speed.

9.But back-scratching a whole band of baboons takes time.

10.Frankly, I was more taken aback by the talking baboon.

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large terrestrial monkeys having doglike muzzles

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