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English-Hindi > babysit

babysit meaning in Hindi

babysit sentence in Hindi
1.Women may trust Dole more than Clinton to babysit their children.

2.As long as I can get Thoreau to babysit my kids.

3.I also do not need the government to babysit for me.

4.Bobby does everything he can to babysit me everywhere we go.

5.I can say he probably babysit me once in a while.

6.He will not catch up on reading or babysit the grandchildren.

7.Abbey Bartlet, the First Lady, used to babysit her.

8.He was even asked by local residents to babysit their children.

9.He asked her if she could babysit for him that evening.

10.Eventually, Keith agrees to allow Lisa to babysit that night.

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